The oldest bear known to the realm.


Tavvi, who everyone refers to as ‘The Ancient One’ Is the oldest bear known to the realm. He is beloved for his genuine nature and his large heart. He takes many young bears under his wing to teach them their special skill because as far as everyone knows, he knows them all. Tavvi is an older bear with a wispy mustache, who doesn’t leave the realm much due to the fact that his child is in a coma from cancer.

Currently Tavvi is missing. His Playmobil mansion on the edge of town was ransacked with seemingly one item missing, a candy necklace, as well as Tavvi himself. Fifi the stuffed Hamster has been assigned to his missing persons case.

Currently, a team of Guardians has been chosen by the one and only Mr. B (Head of Military) to launch the search for Tavvi, hoping for his safe return.

Two items were found by our team in the ransacked mansion. A full sized human key, and a pair of what appear to be Barbie earrings.



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