Large snake hiding in Mega Block Forrest


Mushu is a corn snake form the human realm. The top of his is dark orange and then fades to a white underneath his belly. He hisses when he talked, but talks like the other bears do.


Mushu is a Corn snake who is a pet of a little boy in the human world by the name of Lucas. There is no evidence that Lucas has a Guardian at this time. Mushu was a live human pet who was able to travel into the realm somehow. Hes able to do it often.

Lucas is a very extravagant boy who enjoys dancing ballet and dresses up Mushu in the latest fashion. (Hence his red T-shirt upon meeting)

Despite his menacing looks he still has someone to care for, and he values that very much. He agreed to help them because he too had a kid to worry about and understood what it took to be a guardian, despite not being classified as one.


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