Mr. B

Large Black bear. Missing eye with a black bandanna hiding it.


A large black bear with a missing eye covered by a black bandanna. He is a no nonsense type of bear and likes things to be straightforward without any emotion causing problems. Full Name: Mr. Bubbles.


Mr. Bubbles is the head of the ‘Police force’ Down in the realm as well as in charge of the army. When guardians have to deal with certain monsters of certain strength and cannot do it on their own he is the one to call. He brings in forces of bears under his command to help at all costs, the child. Many bears who have earn his respect are willing to die for the causes he holds dear. Keeping children safe is his number one priority.

He has enlisted a team of bear to find the ancient one and he is convinced that they are more than capable of doing the job.

When the group returned to him to discuss the red arm band gang, he had very little to say other than they were located in Astrakane.. He reminded the team that he was only a paper airplane message away from helping them if they needed him.

Mr. B

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