Mysterious Watcher (Currently Shadow Monster)


Lovey is a light pink bear with a dark pink tutu. She is a freshly made bear at only 2 months old. She wears a dark purple cloak to conceal her tutu and numerous daggers strapped to her hips and thighs. Cautious but naive nature.


Lovey is the guardian of a little girl the age of 2. She was recently recruited by Tavvi for training, since she was new and inexperienced. He took her under his wing for only a month before his disappearance. She was training as a rouge before he vanished.

The team assembled to find Tavvi interested her, especially since she was so desperate to have him back. she needed more training to keep her little girl safe and he was the only way she could get it. However, she was inexperienced which led her to be caught by one of the bears. A white colored female bear with a pink bow by her ear. she had since been a prisoner of their devices and has accompanied them on their journey to fine Tavvi. She doesn’t mind though and she wants to see him desperately.


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